Google have previously stated that “Social Signals” are not an active part of their ranking algorithms. However you will probably be aware that social has become an increasingly important aspect of most digital marketing and SEO strategies.  The reason being is that it is known that social has the power to drive traffic, both via paid channels and organically. So the question is exactly what impact do social signals have on search engine optimization.

Increased Traffic

Google Likes to see traffic originating from social signals. Social signals tell Google that your website is being talked about, but its when these social signals, tweets and likes, change to social shares that the real value is potentially realized. Basically if you have good content people will share and possibly link to that content

The Social software company Shareaholic has suggested that the 8 top social networks drove almost 40% of traffic to websites. One thing is for sure,  Facebook is booming, so if you’re looking for alternative sources of traffic, that’s where time and resources are well spent.

Social Link Building

Its clear that links from social channels do not carry the same weight as an editorial link for example. Today authority link building is probably one of the most important aspects of any SEO strategy. Natural links will always matter, even as they become more difficult to earn and leverage. Having said that do not  underestimate or dismiss the inherent authority of social links from trusted platforms like Facebook and Twitter as they can be leveraged to your advantage, improving visibility and traffic.

To make the most of these kind of links it is always a good idea to ensure that your linked pages are coded to track and monitor any incoming traffic. Likewise we make sure that your social platforms and profiles are well linked back to your website. It all helps